Sillage cover

Gros_Ensilage_Avec_Couverture Gros_Ensilage_CouvertureBoudin (1) Gros_Ensilage_sans_couverture

The silage quality is enhanced by good coverage and increases the resistance of your silo. The result is a good anaerobic good nutritional qulité and low dry matter losses.

The results indicate that a perfectly sealed silo allows a very good fermentation and preserves the nutritional value of corn or hay.

If the cover is installed by going up the canvas on the walls of the silo and installing the water or salt water coil, the loss of dry matter is less than 2%. silage and is stable for more than 48 hours.

Keep cover silage for at least 3 weeks fermentation is at its maximum.

At the opening of the silo, so the sausage is filled with salt water, you can expand it in the silage, so no loss.