Harvestore breather bags

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Fan plug made to protect the engine, windproof and lets light in. External breather

Maximize your performance and save space by installing the lungs outside the silo.

Manufacturing measures 2 to 8 feet in diameter 5-60 feet in length.

We are proud to offer you our product for replacement sealed silo.

Design by heat sealing with PVC fabric provided with a polyester fiber woven into giving him unprecedented resistance to breather bags (breather bags).

Carnations and adapters resin P.V.C. are set to the canvas with a high performance adhesive. Over the years our product has distinguished itself by its high quality.

Airtight silos oxygen deficient atmosphere.
The main characteristic of airtight silos is its ability to restrict to a minimum the contact between the air and the stored food. Oxygen alters wet food, causing both visible and invisible decomposition nutrient loss.

In turn sealed silos, countervailing pressure bags also called breather bags or lungs (breather bags) limit decomposition by restricting oxygen intake; harvest, trim bags are used to control the pressure inside the silos. When the silos are exposed to the sun’s heat content inside warms and pushes up the gas that forms a countervailing pressure air bags and goes outside to a certain level of pressure, the opposite is true at night when the silo is cooled, the gas is contracted and the outside air is drawn in the processed bag.

Traditional silos allow this exchange to occur freely with the outside air and the deterioration is typically increased. A system of sealed silo most popular is the brand Harvestor, countervailing bags used to trap gases extension in the silo during periods of expansions of the heat and pulling the trapped air out of the bag on the contraction-system closed significantly reduced levels of deterioration of silage.

(In sealed concrete silos countervailing pressures bags are outside of the silo and background gas reserves.)
Harvesting silage medium moisture, gives a tasty food that promotes greater dry matter intake by animals. The whole grains are stored between 22 and 28% moisture, that is to say, in normal water content at the time of harvest.
And storage medium moisture eliminates the problem of freezing in winter.

We manufacture custom designs.
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