• 924.00$

    Bird Gard Super Pro

    Comprend les contôles électroniques avec puces eprom remplacable et 4 haut-parleurs avec 100′ de fil chacun. Suports de montage inclus.
    Transfo 110v/12v avec 50′ de fil.
    Protection jusqu’à 6 acres.
    Alimente 4 haut-parleurs.
    Étui homologué nema.

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    Bird Gard Pro Plus

    • Protects up to 3 acres (1.2 hectare)
    • Includes 2 external speakers
    • Sound chips easily replaced in the field

    Solar panels keep Bird Gard units fully charged

    Bird Gard Pro Plus features two high power amplifiers and two external speakers for crystal-clear digital output.  The solid-state electronics are mounted inside a NEMA-type control box that is suitable for most any weather condition.  The Bird Gard Pro Plus is fully programmable, with adjustments for volume, specific sound combinations, daylight, night, or 24-hour operation.  Every six seconds a randomly selected sound is broadcast at a randomly selected frequency out of a randomly selected speaker.  It sounds like there are many different birds in distress spread throughout the protected area.  Also included are four different random features that vary the sound, the sound duration, length of time between sounds and the sound location so birds don't get accustomed to the sound pattern.

    The sound chip is located on the faceplate so it can be easily changed in the field for protection against a greater variety of birds.  Please click here for help in identifying the birds causing you problems.  The controller electronically modulates calls so it sounds like different distressed birds of the same species.

    The control unit mounts easily to a post or pole using the included mounting hardware and bracket, and features two built-in amplifiers for high-volume, crystal-clear digital sound output.  The two weather-resistant speakers with cable allow many diverse sound coverage patterns, including long narrow applications.  Each speaker effectively covers a cone-shaped area approximately 300 x 200 feet (91.4 x 61.5

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    Bird Gard Pro

    • Protects up to 1.5 acres (0.6 hectare)
    • Includes up to 8 different bird sounds
    • Fully programmable

    Bird Gard Pro is designed for smaller applications with coverage up to 1.5 acres. It features a built-in amplifier and speaker in a durable and weather-resistant housing that mounts easily to a post or fence using the included bracket. The built-in sound chip contains 8 different sounds based on your specific needs. Click here for help in identifying the birds causing you problems.  Bird Gard Pro effectively covers a cone shaped area approximately 300 feet x 200 feet (91.4 x 61.5 meters). NOTE:  The Bird Gard Pro includes a power adapter with a 50-foot cable.  However, you may request battery cable with clips in place of the power adapter, OR for an additional $15.00, you may order BOTH the power adapter AND the battery cable with clips.